Guy Sayles


I offer guidance to individuals and to groups. Actually, I help them to discover the guidance that is emerging within them.

Depending on the questions you’re asking, the decisions you’re making, the problems you’re trying to solve, and, especially, the call or invitation to which you’re responding, Guidance Conversations involve dimensions of spiritual direction, coaching, training, and consulting. The conversations are discernment-based: my role is to help you hear your truest voice and the voice of the Spirit; to encourage you to respond to that voice with creativity, freedom, and wisdom; and to support your discovering (or deepening) your sense of purpose and direction.

I’ll listen, ask questions, provide perspectives, point-out possibilities, and offer encouragement. I’ll have suggestions about resources to read or to listen to and about practices in which to engage.

I’ve been a pastor, university professor, consultant to a variety of organizations, and leadership coach, which means I draw from a wide range of experiences and a deep well of resources to help people move ahead purposefully. My work is grounded in practices of attentive discernment, of reflection that engages heart and mind, and of servant-leadership.

Please use the Contact form to start a conversation about the possibilities of my speaking for your group or for my walking with you or your organization as a companion-guide.