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I’m interested in the intersections of faith with life’s challenges, in the creative tensions between how things are and how they could be, and in the possibilities for integrating body, mind, soul, and spirit.

My work focuses on helping people find wise responses to questions we ask as we make our journeys through life, crucial questions like:

Am I moving toward a destination I will be glad to have reached? Am I experiencing joy along the way?

Do I have what I need to continue the journey? Is my pace sustainable?

What’s the quality of my relationships with my traveling companions?

Is what I’m doing consistent with who I am and who I’m meant to be?

What effect am I having on others and on creation? 

Writer, Speaker, Guide

Guy Sayles

I explore how to live, work, and lead faithfully, effectively, and in alignment with our values, ethics, and commitments, so that we treat others and ourselves as beloved children of God.

I bring to these explorations my years as a congregational leader, university professor, consultant to nonprofit and for-profit enterprises, and guide for people in an variety of settings.

A note about my work as a “guide”: depending on what the person I’m working with needs, I offer a combination of coaching, training, and spiritual direction. As a part of my graduate work, I developed a  model of discernment-based consultation on which I’ve continued to draw; worked with established and emerging leaders; and led a variety of ongoing groups focused on integration of professional practice and personal values. 

Please use the Contact form to start a conversation about the possibilities of my speaking for your group or for my walking with you as a companion-guide.

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In my writing, speaking and consulting, I explore the dynamics of a flourishing life, think about hard ethical issues, and reflect on how to align our practices with our values.

– Guy Sayles

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