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I explore the intersections of faith and life,—those places along the journey where we experience the push and pull of the meaning we yearn for, the demands we face, and the opportunities we have. I believe that it’s possible for us to live wisely, joyfully, and effectively as we navigate the contrast between our world as it is and as it could be and the creative tension between who we are and who we’re becoming.

I trust that Love is the source, center, and goal of life: we’re here to learn that we—all of us—are beloved children of God. Genuine justice, tender mercy, and authentic peace flow from embodying and enacting that awareness.

In my writing and speaking, I offer what I’m learning on my own journey, and, in my work as a companion-guide, I walk alongside people and groups as they continue to learn from theirs.

In my writing, speaking and consulting, I explore the dynamics of a flourishing life, think about hard ethical issues, and reflect on how to align our practices with our values.

– Guy Sayles

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What We Expect, What Happens, and What We Can Do

To say the least and the obvious, 2020 hasn’t been the kind of year I imagined it would be.  On New Year’s Eve 2019, as I looked toward the possibilities and challenges of the year ahead, I didn’t see what we’re now experiencing. Sure, like a lot of other people, I...

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Leading for Church Health in this Election Season

This article appears in this week's Center for Healthy Churches Digest To say the least and the obvious, we live in a time of confusion and upheaval. It’s well-known that St. Anthony the Great, one of the church’s Desert Fathers, said: “A time is coming when people...

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The Presence of God in Perilous Times

(From Pixbay) To admit the obvious but often unspoken truth: a lot of us are struggling these days. How could we not be? In my conversations with folks, I’m hearing, far more often than even a few weeks ago, expressions of weariness and distress: I feel overwhelmed ....

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