Ignatius of Loyola, the 16th Century priest who founded the Jesuit order and whose Spiritual Exercises have guided people, for centuries now, into a deeper and more richly imaginative praying of the Scriptures, wrote these fine words about love:

Many people think love is best expressed in eloquent words, but love is meant to be a muscle. Love is best put into action, not words. Love is a relationship between two people who care about each other. Love is also a dialogue rather than a monologue. Love is a sharing, not a selfish acquisition. Because I love you, I want to give you what you need, if I have it, and because you love me, you want to give me what I need, if you have it. That is love.

So it is. And so may it be among us. (from Spiritual Exercises, translated by Carmen Acevedo Butcher in Following Christ, Paraclete Press, 2010)