Increasingly, I think that “growing up” means moving from childishness to childlikeness.   So, one of my hopes and intentions for the
New Year is to become more childlike.  I
want to live with more wonder, openness, playfulness
and, most of all, love. 

To feel the wind in my hair (and across my rapidly balding
head!).  To notice how the air smells.  To Imagine what the birds soaring above me,
and the fish swimming in the river in front of me, see.  To touch the bark of trees.  To climb a mountain alone and, on its top, to
shout and cry until my soul is empty and there is more room for joy.

To nurture whimsy.  To
take another route home.  To start my shopping
on the other side of the store from where I usually start.  To befriend questions at least as much as
answers, if not more so.  To ask someone
what it’s like to be him or her.  To
listen more attentively and thoughtfully. To do whatever I have to do to break
free of binding and blinding preconceptions, to open myself to surprise, and to
make room for novelty. 

To laugh more.  To celebrate
when I get the chance; and when I don’t get a chance, to make one up. 

To affirm, bless, and encourage others. To love and to let
myself be loved.  Henri Nouwen
wrote:  “The little child has nothing to
prove, nothing to show, nothing to be proud of. 
All the child needs to do is to receive the love that is offered.  Jesus wants us to receive the love he
offers.  He wants nothing more than that
we allow him to love us and enjoy that love.”