Love is not so much
the opposite of hate or indifference as it is the opposite of fear.  It is fear which gives rise to hate, indifference,
and insensitivity, and also to isolation, loneliness, and uncertainty. 
“Perfect love casts
out fear” (1 John 4:18).
Love embraces,
reassures, and opens us to one another and to the world. 
It is possible, even
though the possibility sometimes seems remote and unlikely, to be loved for who
we are, not merely for the work we do and the roles we play.
The capacity to love and
be loved depends on vulnerability. 
Vulnerability calls
for courage, risk, and trust.  
We know love’s
strength most fully when we are most empty.

Love is the womb of faith,
the light of hope, the condition of peace, and the music of joy.