As the New Year begins, I am grateful for so much:

Poetry, music, and “children’s books.”

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon.

Restaurants where I don’t need a menu.

Restaurants where I not only need a menu but a translator and guide.

Our “puppy” (eight years old!), Ellington.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea at Barnes and Noble.


Not being a member of a single committee anywhere.

The beauty and mystery, the nearness and transcendence of the divine.

The care of family, friends, colleagues, and health care providers.

Work worth doing.

The vastness, intricacy, and wonder of creation, especially of mountains to hike and rivers to sit by.

Bread and wine which, at any table where love and gratitude pervade, become sacramental.

I could go on, but maybe it’s enough for now to say, in the words of the familiar prayer of Dag Hammarskjöld: “For all that has been—thanks; for all that will be—Yes.”