At noon today, we gathered in the chapel to be called to, and accompanied in, prayer by our Adult Handbell Choir; they rang so well, as they always do. Among the prayers we offered on this Good Friday (and Earth Day) were these:

Creating and Sustaining God, whose word called the earth into being, whose breath gives life to all living things, and whose energy flows in rivers and streams, veins and arteries, accept our praise for the good gift of your world, our home. Give us a vision of your creation healed, freed from poverty and pollution, filled with plenty and beauty, and overflowing with peace and goodness.

Your Son, our Lord Jesus, shows us that your love encompasses the universe and embraces each heart. Your mercy is vast, and your grace knows no limits.

You are the Source of all good and perfect gifts, and we praise you.

You gave Jesus to be our Savior, and we thank you.

You send the Spirit to guide and gladden our journeys, and we love you.

As Jesus prayed from the cross, so we pray:

Reorder our priorities. Rearrange our commitments. Remove the armor of apathy from our hearts. Restore the joy of our salvation. Fire our imaginations with bright visions of the world made whole. Make us passionate for your kingdom to come, your will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

We ask for peace for those who are caught in conflict of whatever kind: conflict between their dreams and the realities in which they live, tension between their hopes and their circumstances, difficulty and misunderstanding among family and friends, divisions in communities and cities, war among nations. Heal the wounds of our conflicts; order our relationships and our world with your justice, and give us the courage to work for peace.

Fathering and mothering God, remind us that we are your beloved children. Jesus, our Brother, walk beside us. Holy Spirit of Divine Love, fill us with joy. Amen.